Workout 07/23/2014

First entry in the new blog! I was recording my workouts over at the Nerd Fitness Community page, but now they are here. A one-stop-shop! If you want to see what I have done since April of this year, check this link out.

Prior to this workout, I was doing four lifts each workout.

Squat, Overhead Press, Dead Lift and Pull Ups/Negative Pulls


Squat, Bench Press, Dead Lift and Chin Ups/Negative Chins

I would alternate these workouts in an “every other” type method.

On days where I had extra time, say, when doing my workout in the evening after work or in the afternoon, I would throw in a 1 mile run.

I’ve had some good results, but I don’t want to plateau (like it was with my Squats), so NOW I am changing things up a bit to see if I can get some better results. Going from four lifts to three plus the run each workout.

I give you my workout today:

07/23/14 Workout

You’ll notice the date says 07/22/14 – that’s because this was supposed to be my workout YESTERDAY. Such is the life sometimes… So, here is the transcript below. You’ll notice on the page I put what PLATES I am putting on the bar (Bar +35s) whereas below I just give you the total poundage.  Enjoy.

Dynamic Warmup (we’ll get into this another time)

Dead Lifts:

45lbs x 5 x 1 (translation – Standard Bar, no weight added, five reps in 1 set)

65lbs x 5 x 1

115lbs x 5 x 1

135lbs x 5 x 3

Bonus Set: 145lbs x 5 x 1

Press (Overhead Press)

45lbs x 5 x 1

55lbs x 5 x 1

65lbs x 5 x 1

75lbs x 5 x 3

Chin Ups / Negative Chins

5/0 – 5/0 – 3/2 – 1/4 – 1/4

Run: 1 Mile

**edit 07/24/14** Cool-down Stretching (we’ll get into this another time, too)

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