Workout: 08/13/2014 & A 30 Day Challenge

“A challenge you say, Mr. Kenobi?”

“Why, yes good sir/madam!”

“Challenge Accepted!”

“Well, I like your attitude! Hold on for just a moment, while I take care of some biz-ness!”

So, last and this year, I took a week off to rest and recover before and after the Dirty Dash. Now, my plan wasn’t to take a week off this year after the Dash, but it happened anyways. The plan was to hit the iron first thing Monday morning the 4th. I chose to take that week off. Notice I said chose. No excuses. Now, the reason I chose this is because when I jumped in the mud pit and the finish of the Dash, I landed wrong and felt a small twang of discomfort. I didn’t sprain it (although I’m not a Doctor, so…) I was able to walk just fine without limping, but I did notice the level of discomfort rising a bit. I noticed that my left ankle and the top of my left foot was aching to a point of concern that I didn’t want to add much stress or weight to it. I could have. I could have powered through it and done sets of Dead Lifts, Squats and Lunges, however, I didn’t want to risk the positive gains I have made, so I chose to opt out.

Monday the 11th was an all out failure of the will as I chose to ignore my plans and cuddle in the nice soft bed with Mrs. Kenobi and sleep some more before work.

However today, Wednesday, is a new day and I brought my game to the gym and got things done. Here is the workout I did this morning along with a bit of nutritional/supplement info in case you were wondering what ole’ Tom Kenobi uses/consumes.

Wake Up: 0510, drink 8 oz water

Intra-workout Hydration Drink: 24oz water mixed with 1 level scoop of Platinum BCAA Fruit Punch  (I usually have 1 scoop w/about 14oz)

Dynamic Warmup: 0545 – 0555

Workout: 0600

Dead Lifts:  45lbs (bar) @ 5 x 1, 65lbs @ 5 x 1, 95lbs @ 5 x 1, 115lbs @ 5 x 1, 135lbs @ 5 x 1

The Press (OHP): 45lbs @ 5 x 2, 55lbs @ 5 x 1, 65lbs @ 5 x 1, 75lbs @ 5 x 1

Chin Ups & Negative Chins:  5/0, 3/2, 1/4, 1/4, 1/4

Run (5 Laps = 1mile):  Run 1 Lap, Brisk Walk 1/2 Lap, Run 1.5 Laps, Brisk Walk 1/2 Lap, Run 1/2 Lap, Brisk Walk 1/2 Lap, Sprint 1/2 Lap – then walked another 1/2 lap to catch my breath

Combatives: I went to the heavy bag and did a handful of snap kicks, jabs and knees. I wanted to do this while tired from my workout. This adds a whole different element to combatives training. More on that, eventually, in another post.

Cool Down Stretches: 0645 – 0655

Post Workout Protein Shake/Meal Replacement:  2 level scoops of MusclePharm “Combat” Protein Powder, Cookies and Cream flavor mixed w/approx 12oz cold black coffee. I switched to this about a month ago from a CytoSport product I was buying at Costco. SO. MUCH. BETTER. Taste and how my body reacts to it.

Supplements:  1 Men’s One-a-day multivitamin, 1 Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil Softgel

On the way to work today, I did have six nice sized strawberries to add to the mix. The intra-workout, post workout shake & supplements are the normal for me. This is what I take every time I work out. I do have my multi and fish oil daily, occasionally I will have 1 scoop as a breakfast meal on a day I don’t cook. Usually breakfast on recovery days/non-workout days consists of 4 large eggs, scrambled with fresh ground pepper. Nom nom nom nom.

Lunch today consists of grilled steak, a small portion of rice and a salad w/ a new light “Tuscan” dressing that I’m trying. I also have a handful of almonds in case I want to snack throughout the day.

Dinner will more than likely consist of a large salad, some protein (chicken or steak, we had salmon last night) and a portion of rice.

This doesn’t happen 100% of the time, but this is my “perfect” day for food choices and planning.

On to the challenge!

So, in the next month I turn 35. It is a good year and I lay claim to that youthful number! Starting today, I am challenging myself to complete as many workouts, runs and ruck walks as I can in the next 30 days with positive gains. If I workout every other day as planned, I should be able to complete 16 workouts. 1 down, 15 more to go! With the positive gains, I want to have better times if I do a ruck walk or run, or have increased my strength by result of more pounds on the bar with correct form. Make sense? Good!

Want to do the challenge, too? It’s simple. If you are just beginning, go for a walk, every other day. Each day, make the walk a little longer, make your pace a little quicker. Or do a “push up” challenge. 10 push ups each day for 30 days equals 300 push ups. Can’t do strict-form push ups, do a push-up variant! I’ve humbled myself and done incline push ups on my knees. It is a great way to build yourself up and get proper form down. Yes, they are called “girl” push ups by some, I hate the name. Seriously, I’ve known many ladies who can crank out the push ups like a damn boss! Everyone has to start somewhere. So I’ll call them “beginner” push ups.

Just. Do. Something.

And do it every day or every other day for 30 Days and push yourself!

If you aren’t new to working out, whether you are doing body weight calisthenics or a “gym rat” or a “chronic cardio” person. Go for it and make some positive gains!

Be strong for you.

Be Strong 4 Family.

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