Workout 08/17/2014: Ruck Walk

These are the stats according to my Nike + App on my iPod

  • Duration: 46min 31 sec
  • Start Time:  8:32 am
  • End Time:  9:18 am
  • Distance:  2.84 miles
  • Steps: 5243

What the iPod doesn’t record:

  • Terrain: Roadside, varying elevation. 2 bridges, one hill, one gradual elevation change (low to high)
  • Backpack Weight:  30lbs
  • Pushups:  Four sets of 10 done with the backpack on. Each set was done while on the Ruck Walk, with the final set being done before I finished.
  • Timer: Was not stopped while doing the push ups, thus increasing my mile to minutes ratio.
  • Body: Still sore from Friday’s workout. Upper body, just a little tender. Lower body, specifically glutes and quads extremely sore.
  • Posture: With carrying weight, one tends to lean forward a bit to counter-act the weight. I noticed a few times I slipped into this and I kept mind fully correcting my posture to a more vertical one.

And that’s it!

Be strong for you.

Be Strong 4 Family.

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