Workout 08/21/2014

It took everything in me to keep going this morning. I was exhausted! My food & water intake has been going well. Although I am not counting the amount of calories, protein, carbs that I take in, I am very mindful on what I am eating, content-wise, as my habit has been for quite some time. I say that because food & drink choices can and do have an effect on your performance. Maybe it’s that whole getting 5 – 6 hours of sleep thing that’s making me feel so tired? Hmmmm? Could very well be!

Anywho, on to the workout!

Lunges (static):  45lbs(bar) x 5(per leg) x 1, 65lbs x 5 x 1, 75lbs x 5 x 1, 95lbs x 5 x 2

Bench Press:  45lbs x 10 x 1, 95lbs x 5 x 1, 115lbs x 5 x 1, 135lbs x 5 x 3

Pull Ups / Negative Pull Ups:  3/2, 2/3, 1/4, 1/4, 0/5

1 Mile / 5 Laps:  Jog 1.5 laps, Walk .5 laps, Jog 1 Lap, Walk 1 Lap, Run 1 Lap (i was gassed by the fifth lap, tried to push everything into a full sprint, but couldn’t get up to the speed I wanted. still a good run)

I’m starting to feel some stuff happening in my shins, feels like the initial stages of getting shin splints, potentially. I think this is from my foot strike. Last year I didn’t have this problem and I had more of an upper mid foot to ball-of-foot foot strike, I’ve noticed that my run has been more towards the heel on the foot-strike this year. I’m thinking about not running the next week to let my shins recover and then pick it back up at a slower pace with more intentionality towards my foot strike and see if that helps.

Just gotta listen to the body!

Keep moving forward.

Be strong 4 you.

Stay Strong 4 Family.

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