Workout 08/23/2014: Mountain Bike

Route:  7 miles – contains the first 3 inclines of my road run & ruck walks, plus a couple more inclines and a nice gradual one at the end.

Climate: Cool 75+ with wind….seeming to oppose me in every direction I turned my bike except for Eastward.

Time:  Took me approx 35min to complete. Not bad considering it’s my first ride this year!

I did my dynamic warm up & cool down stretches as usual.

One thing I learned from a cycle friend of mine a few years ago is to, “Keep pedaling, no matter what.”.  Similar to my keep moving forward mantra, huh? Basically, even on a decline you always pedal and adjust your settings so you are pedaling and pushing the gears, not just coasting or coast-pedaling (i don’t know if that’s a word, I think i just made that up, but basically you are pedaling but you are going so fast that it doesn’t do anything positive). As with my runs, I always push harder on the inclines than anything.

It was a good run.

Keep moving forward.

Be strong for you.

Be Strong 4 Family.

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