Workout 08/25/2014: Ruck Walk w/ “Thor”

I decided to switch things up today. I did this to keep with my every other day workout schedule instead of letting this day go to waste. Waste, you say? Yes. I didn’t sleep worth anything last night due to allergies that had a hell-bent vendetta against me. So, adapt, improvise and overcome, right?


So, instead of gaining very little by working out while extremely sleep deprived, I did a Ruck Walk.

Thor went with me.

I decided to get out my hiking pack and put the weights in there. This time, everything weighed out at 39.4 lbs. Here is the pack:Pack


I weighed out little Thor also, he came it at a healthy 37.5 lbs and then plopped him in the stroller. Here is the one that we use:stroller

I took the same route as last time, except I added almost a tenth of a mile. Looks like my time was a little better per mile, too. Here are the details.

Time: 44min 54sec

Start Time: 8:17 pm

End Time: 9:01 pm

Distance: 2.89 miles

Steps: 5301

Keep moving forward, guys and gals!

Be strong for you.

Be Strong 4 Family.


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