Workout 09/07/2014: Ruck Walk – Like Han, I’m Solo

My last Ruck Walk with Thor had a tag along friend in the name of a horn from the heart of Mordor, also known as a Goathead. If you live in an area with goatsheads, you know the evil of which I speak. Having not put aside the time to fix the small leak, I decided to go on a solo walk with the 40lbs in my ruck and see how fast I can go. I went the same 3.11 miles and if you’ll recall, my last time was 46min 38 sec, with hitting the 3.00 mile marker at 44m 54s.

Here are tonight’s Ruck Walk stats:

Time: 44min 53sec

Start Time: 8:01 pm

End Time: 8:46 pm

Distance: 3.11 miles

Steps: 5447 (without having the stroller, I was able to get a longer stride in, this is the only thing I can thing about regarding the lesser amount of steps)

I crossed the 3.00 mile marker at 43m 10s.  I pay attention to the 3 mile marker mainly to get an accurate reading of how fast I am going per mile. Looks like I’m just under 14.5min per mile!

Keep moving forward, people!

Be strong for you.

Be Strong 4 Family.

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