Review & Grading of the 30 Day Challenge

Well, yesterday marked the end of my first “Challenge” here at Strong 4 Family. Now, as I said in my first post about the challenge,

Starting today, I am challenging myself to complete as many workouts, runs and ruck walks as I can in the next 30 days with positive gains. If I workout every other day as planned, I should be able to complete 16 workouts.

The 30 Day Challenge: What Did I accomplish?

  • 7 times Weight Lifting (5 times Running post lifting) with 3 PRs!, 
  • 2 times Mountain Biking
  • 4  Ruck Walks – I got faster each time I went out
  • 13/16 Workouts Accomplished (81.25% completion)

All in all, it was a pretty good challenge. I made positive gains (I got better, faster, or stronger) and I kept moving forward.

Some other challenges will be coming up over the fall and winter months and I hope you use them to your advantage to keep up your fitness levels and hit the goals you have for yourself.

So, 35 and another 360-some days ahead of me. I’m going to make the last half of this decade count!

What about you?

Did you take the 30 day challenge with me? How did you go about it and what were your results?

Keep moving forward, everyone!

Be strong for you.

Stay Strong 4 Family.


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