Workout 09/14/2014: Ruck Walk w/ “Razor”

So, Thor didn’t come with me tonight, mainly due to him already having a bath and I have to STILL fix the flat from the damage that the horn of Mordor did to the stroller’s tire. O.K., it was goatshead, but still…

I invited a good friend of mine to accompany me on the Ruck Walk. I did about five minutes worth of going back and forth on what to call him here on Strong 4 Family. I was thinking of “Turbo”, mainly because we went at a slower speed since he is new to this, but that didn’t sit right. Then I remembered the movie, “The Flight of the Intruder” and the new guy was called “Razor”, so I’m going with that. He wanted “Ice-Man”, but not even Val Kilmer himself is “Ice-Man” anymore. That name is forever retired. Anyway… it’s just a name!

So, Razor and I did 3 miles today. I’m not sure how much his pack weighed in at, we’ll weigh it another time. Here are the stats:

Start Time: 7:59 PM

End Time: 8:50 PM

Duration: 50min 32 sec

Distance: 3.00 miles exactly (modified the route by .11 miles)

Speed:  16min 46sec per mile

Not bad for his first time out. Next time he comes along we’ll kick the speed up a bit, I know he can do it. I didn’t mind the slower pace, it was nice to get out and walk a bit, I’m still a bit tender in my quads and glutes from Friday’s workout. The only downside to this Ruck Walk was that I had rinsed out two 1 gallon milk jugs and filled them with water to take with me, Farmer’s Walk style, which weighed out at 9lbs per, but I forgot them! Ah, next time!

Get a friend involved, ladies and gents, and keep moving forward!

Be strong for you.

Be Strong 4 Family.

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