Motivation: A Fit Family of Four

Yes, it’s been quiet over here at S4F. I’ve taken the last few days off as I’ve nursed a large blister on my left foot from all the Ruck Walks I’ve been doing. If I can juggle it with the domestic needs of Household Kenobi, I’ll be heading back to the gym this evening. Obviously, I’ll be keeping you posted.

The folks over at published an article yesterday that I think you should check out. It’s titled, “4 Fitness Tips from the Super Fit Shultz Family!”

This definitely peaks my interest, the father is currently 46 and the mother 50. This is a similar dynamic in age difference between my wife and I, with her being older than I. The daughters are 21 and 19. Now, this isn’t something they just “up and did” and within forty-five days, “VOILA!” magic results. The results you see are due to years of working together and getting the job done. While I might be looking to go into competitions, I wouldn’t mind having the aesthetics that the Dad has at 46!

So, no more reading this post, it’s done, go and read that article! Then come back and tell me what you thought.

Be strong for you.

Be Strong 4 Family.

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