S’plainin’ it to the kids

Last night, while I was inspecting the foot that had the blisters on it from earlier in the week, Daredevil asked me how I got the blisters in the first place. I explained that I got them from all the walking I do and I’m trying to take care so it doesn’t happen again, or very often. And then Daredevil asked, “Why do you do so much walking, Daddy?”. Flash was present as well saying, “Yeah, why?”.

Now, they do understand a big reason I pursue health, strength and all around vitality. They’ve heard me say it many times, “I’m getting healthy and strong for you, your brother and sisters and for your momma.” They’ve seen me go on bike rides, do pull ups, push ups and squats and they’ve seen me go to the weight room to throw the iron around. The Ruck Walks, however, have been a relatively “newer” activity that they have witnessed Daddy Kenobi perform.

“Well,” said I. “How much do you weigh, Daredevil?” Which she got on the scale and waited for the read-out.

“Seventy something.”

“Okay, how about you, Flash, what do you weigh?” She did the same and waited.

“Ummm, 55, I think?”

“Haha, ok. So my pack weighs 56.2lbs and I’m learning to carry heavy weight over a long distance. So what that means, Flash, is I could very well carry you for probably 5 – 7 miles without a break if I needed to. And I could probably carry you, Daredevil, for 3 to 5 miles without a break.”

Their eyes got a little bigger.

“This is just one more thing Daddy does to be strong for you guys and momma. Whether we are playing around or maybe even if we got in an accident and I needed to get you guys to safety, I want to be strong for you.”

“Okay”, said Flash.

This conversation didn’t take long and my oldest came in at the last bit, overhearing and getting the gist of the conversation. A wise man once told me, “Give a five-year-old an answer suited for a five-year-old, and a twelve-year-old for a twelve-year-old. You don’t give a twenty-year-old answer to a five-year-old or a twelve-year-old.” The wisdom is simple and effective and it is something I try to do no matter the question.

From article after article I read, a constant in getting your family involved is them knowing your “why” and also seeing it demonstrated.

What has worked for you?

Be strong for you.

Be Strong 4 Family.

2 thoughts on “S’plainin’ it to the kids

  1. Your post made me smile because telling the truth but in a way they can understand takes time and patience but it is so worth it. Now at 28 and 26 they are great friends and great people.

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