“Weekly” Weigh-In

WTF is going on here?!?! *
WTF is going on here?!?! *


So, it’s been 13 days since my last workout. I’m twitching just a bit… I’ve been active, but nothing worth recording here at S4F.

So, I weighed myself today: 193.8.

Not bad, almost half of a pound less than my weigh-in two weeks ago. I honestly thought it would be worse due to lack of working out.

The plan is to get back to the gym today and hit it. I’ve been talking with a good friend of mine about my workout plan and we are looking at revamping it a bit to fit with the current schedule I have. Long story short: smaller workouts spread throughout the week.

More details to come as I get going.

Keep moving forward, everyone.

Be strong for you, be Strong 4 Family.

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