Workout 10/20/14 – New workout part 2

Well, I was able to get to the gym this evening. I would have preferred early this AM, but that wasn’t happening today. So after work, I drove home, changed and stepped foot into a testosterone filled weight room, put on my headphones and had Mr. James Hetfield & company (aka METALLICA) keep me focused as I navigated my way through the gym. Gimme fuel, gimme fire Mr. Hetfield! HEYAAAH!

Seriously, I’ve never seen such a bro-fest to date! Unreal. But I got my work done, and that’s all that matters.

So session two of this “new” routine seems to be working for me. I left home, warmed up, trained, stretched and came home within an hour and ten minutes. Quick, fast, intense. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Here we go…

Bench Press:  45lbs(bar) x10 x1, 115lbs x5 x1, 135lbs x5 x2, 155lbs x5 x2

Overhead Press: 45lbs x10 x1, 65lbs x5 x1, 75lbs x5 x2, 85lbs x5 x2

I finished off with 15 push ups and stretched it out. Including the warm up set of 20 push ups, plus the “cool down” set of 15 before my stretches, I did 95 pressing/pushing reps…

And I can feel it!

Be strong for you, be Strong 4 Family.

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