Workout 11/09/14: Squats & Deadlifts. PR’s & Gains!

Sunday morning and I hear the bells of the holy church of iron beckoning my return unto the altar of strength. I heed the call and it is rewarded. Observe, ye fellow servants of Iron, the most holy book of gains!

the holy book of gains

O.K., enough of the silliness.

Seriously though, that is a snap-shot of my notebook, recording the last five training days, including today.

The plan was actually to hit the gym yesterday, but there were some needs within Team Kenobi that needed to be addressed. Thank God for Sundays!

I did hit a PR in the Squat today, I had planned on doing a couple sets at the same PR level as last Sunday, but, I felt damn good and decided to up the LBs another five pounds. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Squats: 45lbs(Bar) x10 x1, 115lbs x5 x2, 125lbs x5 x2(PR!!), 95lbs x10 x1

Deadlifts: 45lbs(Bar) x10 x1, 135lbs x5 x1, 175lbs x5 x1, 185lbs x5 x3, 135lbs x12 x1

Done…seriously. Stick a fork in me!

Keep moving forward, no matter what your level of fitness. It is worth it. You are worth it.

Be strong for you. Be Strong 4 Family.

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