Workout 11/18/14: Bench & O.H. Press w/a PR!

This week marks a new beginning for Tom Kenobi. I changed business lines and began a new path within the company I work for. It’s pretty excited and will be challenging in many ways, all of them good. One challenge I saw coming would be how, exactly, I would be able to fit in my workouts. I knew that Monday’s workout wasn’t going to happen; first day at the new position, installation of said position, spending time with the new boss, etc. At the end of today, I knew that if I didn’t get my workout in this evening, it wouldn’t happen tomorrow due to a long day including travel that has been planned.

So I got it done this evening!

Let’s get to it.

Bench Press: 45lbs(bar) x10 x1, 115lbs x5 x1, 155lbs x5 x3 (felt weaker this time around, needed someone to spot me on the final set), 115lbs x10 x1

Overhead Press: 45lbs(bar) x10 x1, 65lbs x5 x1, 85lbs x5 x2, 95lbs x5 x1 (PR!!),  65lbs x10 x1

Side Lateral Raise DROP SET MUTHA TRUCKA!: 15lbDBsx10, 10lbDBsx10, 5lbDBsx10

A drop set it where you do as many reps as you can with a specific weight and then immediately drop the weight and go again until you can’t go anymore and then drop the weight again. You can do this for quite a while and burn the ever-loving dog squat out of whatever body part you choose. I chose to do the drop set without resting from the OHPs. The only “rest” was putting away the plates from the Oly bar. Despite feeling weak on the Bench, I surprised myself with a PR on the OHP, so I’m pretty damn happy with that! I also began to feel like I was going to throw up into my second set of the Bench, it didn’t go away, but I kept the motivation of ISYMFS via C.T. Fletcher and finished.

It was a good training day.

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