Workout 01/10/15: OHPs and Heavy Bag Work

Overhead Press:

Bar(45lbs) x10 x1, 75lbs x10 x1, 95lbs x5 x2, 105lbs x 2 x1, 105lbs x4 x1

Heavy Bag & Combatives work: 30min

Footwork drills, Left Jab x10 x1, Right Cross x10 x1, Left Hook x10 x1, Right Hook x10 x1, Left Uppercut x10 x1, Right Uppercut x10 x1, Jab/Cross x10 x1, Jab/Cross/Hook x10 x1, Left Snap Kick x10 x1, Right Front Kick x10 x1, Left Thai Kick x10 x1, Right Thai Kick x10 x1, Left Knee x10 x1, Right Knee x10 x1, Straight Blast – 10sec blasts x 4, Left Elbow x10 x1, Right Elbow x 10 x1, Straight Blast – 10sec blasts x 4

It was a good session, I am sore on this Sunday morning!

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