Update: Back Injury

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I hurt my back doing deadlifts on Saturday. My work sets were 3 x 5 @ 195lbs. I did all three work sets just fine and with good form. At the end of the final set, I decided to do one more rep. Form on the way up and in lockout was good, I lost tension in my abs/core on the way down and felt a sharp pain on the lower left side of my back.

I carefully stretched before going home and then stretched some more, very carefully throughout the day. The discomfort got worse , up to and including a pain that shot from my back through my left glute and hamstring. Literally, I had a pain in my ass!

The next day I went to a quick care/doc in the box. Had an exam and X-rays done. The doctor confirmed no injuries to my spine or joints. No fractures, etc. All in all, it appears that I strained some muscles near my spine and it caused a pinch to my sciatic nerve.

The doctor is 85%+ sure that I did not skip a disc or have a herniated disc. So that’s good!

Basically for the next week, I am grounded from lifting. I’ll be doing a lot of walking!

Listen to your body and always, always, always: keep good form!

Keep moving forward, everyone!

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