Fun time & Training can go hand in hand


There is an elementary school 8/10 of a mile from our house with a nice little park, well two nice little playgrounds and a large field, but whose counting? This is the same spot I stopped by on Friday morning to do my body weight routine.

It is Sunday, clear skies and mid to high 60s and very little wind, if any. Given that our summers here in Idaho can get very hot and very dry since we are in a “high desert” climate, it was practically perfect.

So off to the park me and my little ones went, all five of us.

We were there for over an hour, all of them running, jumping, sliding, hanging and goofing around; enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

It was a perfect opportunity to fit in my workout.

8×5 Australian pull ups

4×10 Push-ups

3x30sec Flex hangs (chin up position)

Plus a walk over just over a mile and a half when our trip was all said and done, including about 1/3 of a mile that I carried my youngest daughter on my back as we walked home.

Done and done.

Keep moving forward, everyone!

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