A whole lot of bipedal action going on here…

Over the last three weeks, Mrs. Kenobi has been doing a lot of walking. There is a two mile trail she takes around the neighborhood and gets her walk on. Definitely proud to see her doing her thing.

It has actually helped me keep moving forward towards my goals too. Over the last week I have accompanied her four times, it has been good for my left hamstring.

This morning I got up early, for a Saturday, and walked/jogged 3.43 miles extending my normal course a bit for the extra trail time but making sure to keep those bridges and inclines in there. At about the 2.5 mile mark I stopped at the local park I took the kiddos to a week or so ago and cranked out three superset:

Push-ups x 10 & Australian Pull Ups x 10

With a 50 second test in between each superset and then hit the road again.

I’ve got the Dirty Dash again in just over two months and it’s coming up fast!

Find your “why” and keep moving forward!

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