Catching Up: 33 miles since my last post

Hey there, S4F peeps!

Since my last post on 05/02/15, I have been able to get out on my Saturday runs two more times and I’ve been walking with Mrs. Kenobi about four times a week, on average.

Saturday, 05/23/15: my run was 3.27 miles at 40:35; 63 seconds faster than my prior run on 05/02/15 at 41:33. That day, I did four super-sets of Auzzie Chins, Knuckle Push-ups and 30sec planks at the park as mentioned in a prior post. 10/10/30 x2 & 5/10/30 x2.

Saturday, 05/29/15: my run was 3.27 miles at 38:04; 2min 31sec faster than 05/23/15. Super-sets of the same exercises at the park. 7/10/30×4

Earlier this week, on Wednesday, I incorporated jumping rope back into my workout routine. Oh my, was that a challenge! Five, 2min rounds with 2min breaks. My timing was way off, but I’ll get better. Once I can keep my cadence for a solid 2min stretch without having to reset, I’ll knock the rest periods down to 1min each.

Thank God for these walks with my wife and the runs on Saturdays! I have had a challenge in fitting in my body-weight routines like I need to. I’ve come up with a new schedule to help get those routines back into my day to day life, but this new role I’ve taken on since November creates a few challenges in getting it done… But we keep moving forward, correct?


Super-set #1: Aussie Pulls/Chins, Push-ups, Tripod Hold (static bodyweight hold), Shoulder stand (static hold). Dead or Flex Hangs done once the super-sets are completed.

Super-set #2: Squats, Planks, Lunges, Bridges. Combatives footwork drills done once the super-sets are completed.

A sample week, will look like this:

Monday: Super-Set 1 + Walking w/Mrs Kenobi

Tuesday: Super-Set 2 + Walking w/Mrs Kenobi

Wednesday: Bike Ride or Jump Rope – No Walk

Thurdsday: Super-Set 1 + Walking w/Mrs Kenobi

Friday: Super-Set 2 + Walking w/Mrs Kenobi

Saturday: 3.27 mile run – OR – Sprints – OR – Stair Runs – No Walk

Sunday: Rest Day – Walking with Mrs Kenobi only.

Have a plan or plan to fail, right? Wish me luck!

Oh…and American Ninja Warrior is back on Monday Nights! 

Keep moving forward, everyone!

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