Runs, walks and workouts

This was a good week for training.

Monday & Thursday, early evening, I was able to do 5xSupersets of 7 & 10 Aussie Pull-ups and Knuckle Push-ups.

Wednesday, earl morning, I did another speed rope session. 5x2min w/2min breaks.

Thursday was the only day this week that I got out and walked with Mrs. Kenobi.

This morning I did my run with a faster time than last week! The distances I walk on that particular route are getting shorter as the distances I run are getting longer. Little by little, progress is made. This week’s time was 36:41 compared to last week’s 38:04.

I also did 4xSupersets of 7/10/30 Aussie Chin-update, Knuckle push-ups and planks during my run.

I also dropped another 0.40 pounds in my pursuit to cut off the excess fat I took on while  weightlifting and during my recovery time where I wasn’t doing anything. Seven pounds have been cut in the last month!

Keep moving forward, everyone! Trust me, every step farther, every second faster, every ounce lighter(or heavier depending on your goals) is that much farther down the line and that much closer to your goals being fulfilled and you are that much more solidified in a new way of life. 

A life of being Strong 4 Family.

Keep. Moving. Forward.

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