Final Prep-week for The Dirty Dash

Since last Saturday’s run, I have done:

Monday:  5 Supersets of Aussie Pulls/Knuckle Push-ups: 8/10

Tuesday:  2.54 mile walk with Mrs. Kenobi

Wednesday:  5 rounds of Speed Rope in the morning: 2min rounds & 2min breaks. 2.57 Mile walk with Mrs. Kenobi.

Thursday:  5 Supersets of Aussie Pulls/Knuckle Push-ups: 8/10

Friday:  rest

Saturday:  3.27 mile run @ 35min 40sec (61 seconds faster than last week!) w/ 4 Supersets of Aussie Chins/Knuckle Push-ups/Planks (8/10/30sec) done at the park (2.34 miles into the run).

Sunday:  1.32 mile run/walk plus obstacles with my “active group” known at Team Awesome at the same park as Saturday.

Besides a few light walks with Mrs. Kenobi and probably one more Superset session of Pulls/Pushes, I am done until Saturday for the Dirty Dash!

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