A new training partner

So, Mrs. Kenobi and I “stumbled” upon a new training partner. By stumbled, I mean, we pass by this rarely used contraption almost every time we are at the gym and rarely do we see anyone using it, but nevertheless, it looks interesting so we gave it a shot.


The Never Ending Rope.

You can adjust the tension settings so we each found a good challenging setting and then took turns on it. We did four sets each, my first three sets were 1.5min each and the last set was 2min long.

Oh my…

What a deceptively wonderful machine!

We then went and did three sets of 10 push-ups, my arms gave up on the third set. That’s how good the rope worked me!

As Mrs. Kenobi did a couple laps on the track for her final workout piece, I hit the heavy bag.

Just a couple of married people with kids rocking some PT.

And so can you. Get creative. Take a look at your gym, what “new” or “overlooked” activity or machine or exercise can you try out?

Keep moving forward!

07/30/2015 Edit: I am loving this machine! I am still a little tight in the arms, lats and chest, but I am surprised at how much my core was worked as well!

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