Sprints, Ropes and DOMS

Since Sunday’s post, here is a breakdown of what has been going on in my world of PT and getting stronger for my family…

Monday: Sprints

20×25  w/45sec rests in between each sprint.

Tuesday: Ropes/Push-ups/Heavybag

Endless Rope x4 @ 1:30, alternating directions

Endless Rope x2 @ 2min, alternating directions

3×10 Push-Ups, 1×5 Pushups – Failed on 6th attempt

Heavybag work: 20 strikes of each: Jab(L), Cross(R), Hook(L), Uppercut(R), Horizontal Elbows (L&R), Centerline punch (L&R)

Wednesday: Eliptical Work

17min on a “Cross Training” program that increased and decreased the intensity of the run

It is Thursday and I am still suffering from DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness otherwise known as P A I N!) due to Monday’s sprint work. It has been quite awhile since I have done sprint work like that. At the end of each Saturday run, I do sprint the last 100+ yards, however I haven’t done a workout dedicated to all-out sprinting for about two years. I need to do this more often!

Mrs. Kenobi and I have just over three weeks to go before our next 5k run. She has been accompanying me when we go to the gym to work the machines like the Endless Rope and Elliptical. She has also been doing some road work of her own. I’m looking forward to seeing how we perform for the 5k.

It should be a good one.


Add Thursday’s Upperbody work:

Superset x 5: Aussie Pull-ups x8 & Push-ups x10

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