You are the constant.

Why do you do what you do? Why do you strive for improving your health and body?

Why would you even consider unplugging from the internet, cable or tv show and put your body into an uncomfortable state for 30 – 90 minutes?

Why would you even consider doing this again, and again, and again, and again?

Even if you have good genetics, you still have to put in a degree of work and grind. It is inescapable.

Think about it. No seriously, stop right here, take a minute and think about it. Why would you do this?

You must have at least one reason, at least one “why” regarding your choice to improve.

“They need to be FUCKING GREAT reasons …”

You can have some seemingly superficial reasons, sure. There is nothing wrong with having a superficial goal or two. Who doesn’t want to look good naked?

One of my “superficial” goals is to look like Gerard Butler’s Leonidas from the movie “300”. I’m not entirely sure my body-type is the same as Mr. Butler’s, but, I want to look like a damn Spartan. I’ll never wear a shirt mowing the lawn again, hell, I’ll even get some of those military PT shorts to wear while I mow the lawn too!

However, humor aside, you need to have some good reasons behind your goals. They must compel you to keep moving forward, good enough to drag you from the couch if they have to. They need to be reasons with weight and punch behind them. They need to be reasons that make you seriously disappointed in yourself if you begin to stray from the path. For all intents and purposes, they need to be strong enough to carry you when a sledgehammer full of suck gets slammed into your chest. Trust me.

So, yeah, they need to be good reasons.

No, scratch that.

They need to be damn good reasons.

No, scratch that.

They need to be FUCKING GREAT reasons.

“You, yes YOU, need to make sure your reasons are strong enough to keep you anchored…”


When you boil everything down, the common denominator will always be one thing, the person that must put their hand to the plow and actually do the work necessary to reach those goals.


You are the constant.

You are the one that has to make the choice to change.

You are the one that has to get yourself to the gym.

You are the one that has to lift the weights or run the mile.

If you live to one-hundred, you are the one who must live with the regret or not chasing your goals or with the satisfaction of doing everything you could in life.

If you die today, you either die chasing your goals or you die with wasted potential and dreams.

You, need to make sure your reasons are strong enough to keep you anchored no matter what happens.

Be the best person you can be, for you.

Be fucking great.


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