Pursue Mastery. Shun Mediocrity.

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been contrasting what mediocrity versus mastery looks like for me. Something to help spur me on, to shun mediocrity and continue pursuing mastery. As I did this, in a way I put many of my own weaknesses, fears or things I wished to avoid in the category of the Mediocre and those things that were my strengths or points I wish to head towards as the marks of a Master. In it’s original form, I was jotting down thoughts and they weren’t necessarily in a specific order. There is still really no order of importance, but I’ve put them in an order of sorts, from shorter sentences to longer to shorter again. At least there is a pattern.

In light of this being the Winter Solstice, this is my offering.


The Mediocre are led, pushed and used by their feelings. Masters harness, discipline and use their emotions for a greater purpose.

The Mediocre settle, shy away, and fail to follow through. Masters pursue, keep moving forward, engage and complete the mission.

The Mediocre are afraid of their weaknesses, hiding, running and ignoring them. Masters acknowledge, understand and face their weaknesses, turning them into strengths.

The Mediocre are afraid of doing something wrong; afraid of failing or not being good enough, not wanting to risk less than perfection, they refuse to act. Masters choose to act, understanding that failure is part of the process; embracing failure and doing something wrong are opportunities to learn and become better. Masters understand perfection is unattainable; the path of Mastery is constant improvement, an unsurpassable mark as there is always room to become more.

The Mediocre are binary thinkers – this or that, one or the other – strict rule adherents; unable to think on their own or to entertain opposing views. Masters think freely; understanding balance, dichotomy and most importantly harmony – ebb and flow – when to follow rules and when to break them. Through this understanding, Masters can entertain and hold seemingly opposing or binary thoughts and views.

The Mediocre are led by their hungers and tastes; by the desires of their body. Masters harness and discipline their hungers, tastes and desires in order to achieve a higher aim with them: the full enjoyment of life and the purposes to which they are called and pursue.

The Mediocre are easily distracted and actively seek out distractions. Masters are focused; single-minded and self-disciplined in the pursuit of their mission.

The Mediocre will try a thing out. Masters commit.

The Mediocre make excuses and pass the buck. Masters take ownership and lead.

The Mediocre shy away. Masters face and confront.

The Mediocre give up on their dreams. Masters see them through.

The Mediocre talk. Masters do.

 Shun Mediocrity.

Pursue Mastery.

**Hey there, thanks for reading this post! If you find value in what I am writing about or know someone who would, the biggest compliment I can receive is for you to share the ever loving shit out of these posts. Leave a comment or two, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks again for reading!**

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