BJJ White Belt: Into The Blue


On Saturday, 10/06, during 208’s two year anniversary celebration, my Coach promoted me to Blue Belt.

This has been a journey of twenty months to get to this spot and it is hard to believe that it has come. I honestly didn’t think the promotion was close and felt that my Coach was wanting to wait a few more months, possibly until my next tournament due to how I felt I performed. I trust his judgement and am honored to receive the belt. And now, I must put in the work to live up to the standard and also out live the practically well worn meme of the missing blue belts.

It was kind of profound, almost fitting that I got promoted that day. During our two year celebration, we had a team open mat. All of the blue belts on the team showed up that day and I made it a point to roll with each of them. I had no clue what was coming, but apparently they did.

I am thankful to be in this place on my journey, but I know there is so much more to learn and experience. This is far from a destination, but merely a mile marker on a much, much longer path. (continued below)


One would think, I’d have a list of what I’ve learned from the process. Bullet points, something.

The only thing I can really say are well worn, possibly tried and true… put in the work, trust the process, take notes, listen to and trust your coach/professor, and give willingly to your team. All of those things plant the seeds for your continual harvest down the road in this journey of Jiu Jitsu.

Speaking of reaping a harvest, Professor Robson Moura visited us for the third time in the last twelve plus months, giving us another awesome seminar, last Saturday the 13th. Before we began the seminar, Professor Moura had some awesome things to say regarding his student, our Coach and officially promoted him to Black Belt! Professor Shane has been actively pursuing BJJ for over fifteen years, from competing to coaching multiple schools, he’s given his heart and soul to try and better the community and it was humbling to be able to celebrate and share that special moment for him.

Congrats Professor Shane!

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