Flash Writing: Hooked

Agitated, Distracted, Irritable


Wandering Thoughts

Pleading, Begging


Just one more hit…

Just one more time…


This’ll be the last time I swear.


One more time is never enough.

Needing, Desiring, Craving

If I give in, the cycle starts again.

Minutes seem like hours…

Hours seem like days…

Days… months…

Chest aching, Hands shaking, Mind racing

What is the difference between addiction and being in love?

Cries in the night

Lost in the day

Disoriented, Confused

Fake it, don’t let them see.

A Fawkesian mask plastered on my face

Hide the truth away

Faking, Lying

I really don’t want it

I really don’t…

But I do.

I really do…

Wondering when the next hit will come

Afraid of having it

Afraid of being without it

Just get through this minute

Just get through this hour

Just get through this day

Sleep will come

A sweet escape before the battle starts again.

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