A Poetic Offering

I finished a handful of pieces recently that I’ve been working on for anywhere from a couple days to a few weeks.

I title them here only by the dates they were finished.

I may not be very good at them, but I enjoy writing in many forms. As with anything, the more you practice, the better you get. Cathartic, definitely, but poetry is still outside of my comfort zone and makes this almost-forty-year-old feel like and emo kid.

I hope you enjoy them or get something out of them.


Crashing continually,
ocean against rock.
Waves of tension;
Ebb and flow,
nature intended.
Taking in full,
her tempest building,
I took the full measure.
Reaching the break,
she crashed.
Waves of release,
deep sobs and tears.

A deep breath, a sigh.

A salty sea between us.


Haiku 05/25/2019***
So high above me,
the thunder rolling gently.
Ah, here comes the rain.

(***a friend of mine, in good humor, brought to my attention the original line “the thunder rolls gently” was only 6, not 7 syllables, thus not exactly hitting the 5-7-5 formula.)


Dark clouds above,
hearing the fetters loose,
I see the Black Dogs give chase.
Malevolent voices without love,
cry out for the quarry’s surrender.
Lungs burning from the run,
mind racing, muscles sore.
Pounding paws upon the dirt,
drawing ever closer.


I see your face;
my heart stirs.
Thoughts race;
feelings swell.
Up from the deep,
an old well that I,
thought had run dry.


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