Just recognize me;
acknowledge me, that’s all.

A simple request.

Isn’t that what anyone wants?
To be recognized?

Ignoring that Shadow,
suppressing the Shadow?

So many have fallen at this same folly.

See how they preach and pontificate?
See how they dance and demostrate?
See how they pose and pretend perfection?

Oh, no, that is not me!, they say.
I do not look,
do not touch,
do not smell,
do not salivate,
do not reach out for those dark desires.

Yes… yes you do.

Suppression silently strengthens said Shadow.

Feigning blindness,
Feigning deafness,
Feigning being pulled.

The gravity, on the edge of the event horizon,
creating just enough plausible deniability.

Inevitably, predictably, practically willingly,
they descend into a ruin of their own design.

My Shadow wants to show me things.
What He can do in me,
Through me and with me.

Just recognize me;
acknowledge me, that’s all.

A simple request…is it not?

I pull my Shadow into the Light.
to recognize Him;
to acknowledge Him.

The mirror image of myself reflected back.
Two sides of the same coin.

I converse with Him,
show me your vision and I will show you mine.

Mirror images.

Highest ideals, unspoken desires.
A committee of two in one.

In the end what we both wanted was to live and be recognized.

For who We are and who We could be.

For who We will be and what We can achieve.

If we work together.