Flash Fiction: Somewhere in the Star Wars Galaxy…

It’s Star Wars Day, May the Fourth, so, yeah. No further explanation needed.


It’s hard to look up and ponder the vastness of the Galaxy, when your lot in life was born into abject poverty on a pit-stop, middle of the galaxy world, primitive compared to places like Coruscant, but almost every planet was primitive now compared to Coruscant.

Thanks to the Empire.

Black Markets, Smuggling, and Crime Syndicates flourished in so many ways simply due to the iron fist and unsatiable belly of the Empire.

And this is what he grew up in.

You learn to adapt, to read people and places and situations. Emotions and sentiments that could flourish in a time of peace, prosperity and plenty are burned away or hidden. Was there ever truly a time of complete peace and prosperity in the Galaxy though, or is it just dependent on the history writers and people in power?

Tales and Legends… now that was something he had a hunger for like no other thing. He could schmooze or con with the best of them, but when he could afford it, any extra leverage he had, or favors owed or credits that weren’t going towards the creation of his own ship to leave this damn place would go towards the acquisition of knowledge.

One day, after indulging himself on tales of Jedi, he’d walked alone down a back corridor and taking a look around to see if anyone was watching, stretched out his hand towards an empty bottle laying on its side a few meters away. Trying to will the bottle to move, to come to him. He strained and strained, trying to believe and will it to be. A shutter from a large cargo vessel moving around the next block caused the bottle to roll.

Frustrated, he sighed. Drew his blaster and fired quickly, destroying the bottle.

“May not be able to use the Force. But, I’m handy with a blaster and that’ll do…” He said to himself as he laughed off the wild idea and wandered down the alleyway towards home.

Overhead, a patrol of Tie Fighters flew by.

One more reminder of getting his plan together.

One more reminder of needing to get away.

05/05/21 Note:

A few hours after posting this, I thought of an edit that I thought was a little better than just the transport making the bottle move. Thought of that happening, him trying again and having the bottle begin rolling, him getting excited and it stops and then a small rodent hops out from behind the bottle. Same ending, he gets frustrated, shoots the bottle, scares off the rodent, laughs at himself as heads home. But I’ll leave it in it’s original form.


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