Those who pursue excellence don’t always “win”.

While those who win don’t always pursue excellence.

Decide by yourself what you want your contribution to be in whichever arena you’re competing. And don’t discard your goals.

Even if you have to stop, restart the engine, service the car, recover from injuries– You can keep your own personal goal in view.

That’s often better than just attempting to be a “winner”, because that can hinge on someone else’s point of view.

At least I’m still in the game.

Are you?

“Winners never quit!” What utter crap to deliver to unsuspecting masses! —

Thanks, Matt. I needed to hear these words today.

Please go check out (link above in the quote). Matt is an artist and he has made some really fun comic strip art and has been currently working on a new project featuring a warrior princess. He’s been pushing and working on his craft constantly.

Go show him some love.