Grandpa believes in conspiracy theories.

Something was “wrong” with the world, always.

I think it was his way of trying to make sense of the world and have some sort of control over a world and circumstances he had no control over.

It’s funny, the more conspiracy theories you believe, the more conspiracy theories you believe. It has a weird snowball effect as you continue a degree further and further. You go from understanding how people conspire for power and gain all the time, to finding documented and historical proof of governments or political factions, successfully or not, trying to start a war and then it’s just a few small steps to believing the moon landing was fake and then a step or two to believing that Earth is the only planet that we can’t prove is a globe, so it must be flat. Then, with an acrobatic leap and twist or two of logic that would make Cirque du soleil performers jealous, you’re in another reality completely.

I feel for him. Why do people fall for these things?

He has no clue that all those conspiracy theories, all of them, are distractions meant to keep us deaf, dumb and blind. To make us cynical of everything so the truth can be right in front of our eyes and we wouldn’t even see it!

You want to know what it’s all about, really?

It’s designed to keep us from discovering that the Lizard People are the ones running the show.

Don’t even get me started on how they terraformed this planet.

Why can’t grandpa just wake up and see the Truth?

Why can’t all of you?