Purple Haze: Podcast Ep. 2 “All the Stripes!” Part 1

So, we’re back again talking about Jiu-Jitsu, and while I have a good reason to, I will be venturing down the path of my fiction offerings quite soon.

The reason I want to hit on Jiu-Jitsu again so soon is that the all-time most view posts and search terms that lead people to my humble little blog all have to do with earning stripes and belts. In order of popularity, interestingly enough in descending order from most popular, the top three visited posts are in the “BJJ White Belt” entries, specifically: BJJ White Belt: First Stripe, Second Stripe and Third Stripe.

Bringing up the fourth and fifth spots of my top five read and visited posts are the BJJ White Belt: A “Green” Milestone, as well as my first post in the “Into the the Blue” blue belt posts, titled: “Stripe Requirements“. That title is a bit click-baity as well as whimsically tongue in cheek, as I don’t really give a list of actual requirements.

My BJJ posts gain the most traffic, all in all, compared to my fictional writing and overall, the BJJ White Belt posts all hold the most reads compared to my journey as a Blue Belt and Purple Belt. Most search terms direct people to the white belt posts and I have a theory about this…

For the rest of the content of this podcast, please take a listen to the Tom Writes and Rolls Podcast. You can find it on Anchor, as that is what I use to publish the podcasts, as well as Spotify, Google Podcasts and a handful of others. I’d really appreciate a listen, some feedback and a subscription or two.

You can find the podcast at the following links:


Google Podcasts


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