Purple Haze: Blitz

Hello dear friends, readers and listeners!

I’m going a different route with this one. Below you will find the discussion points of the newest podcast and not a supplimentary written piece. This time, for those who read, I would really appreciate if you took the time to listen to the podcast. Even if Jiu-jitsu isn’t your thing, your honest feedback and constructive criticism about the format, pace, how it flows, technical stuff like sound, etc. would mean a great deal to me.

I’ll be going back to including written content too, just wanted to do a “blitz” episode where I talk about a handful of things.

As always, you can search the “Tom Writes and Rolls” podcast out on Apple, Spotify or pretty much whatever platform you use, or go here to the Anchor website to listen to see if it’s on your platform.

Podcast Content:

BJJ 5 Year Anniversary: 03/09/2017 What I’ve learned since then

Nerd Stuff

How to Approach Rolling – Hard, Flow, Soft, Situational?

Competition Talk: Prepping for the IBJJF Boise Open, Competing, Results, Lessons Learned

IG Shoutouts

Roll Critiques: Second set of eyes. Helps you learn. Helps me learn.

Thanks again everyone!


2 thoughts on “Purple Haze: Blitz

  1. What on earth is ASMR? To further share my cluelessness, it took me a couple times hearing “sub” to realize that was short for submission and not substitute, which made no sense in that context. Hubby is a teacher, so my brain goes to the other “sub” automatically.

    I enjoyed learning the different types of rolls. Those aren’t terms I hear bandied about at my place. “Find your reset after a bad day” was terrific advice I will take to heart. That, and, of course, never giving up. That was echoing in my mind after last night’s class, which I hope to write about soon.

    Also, 42 and a half! Samesies! As of March 10 for me. Cracks me up that you add the “and a half” like a four-year-old. 😉

    If you’re trying to lose weight, please just strap it on to me. I need it to really compete with these guys.

    1. Hahaha like a four-year-old! Well played.

      ASMR is basically sounds that can be satisfying and give you tingles/goosebumps, there are a lot of people that like ASMR for relaxing. There are a ton of Youtube videos and audio tracks on Pandora/Spotify for people who like that sort of thing.

      Yep, sub=submission, all good! “Why is Tom hunting for a substitute in side control??” lol

      I’m glad you enjoyed the info about the rolls and that the “reset” helped you. Definitely crucial to reset.

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