New Logo

Playing around with the Logo Maker app, first iteration. I’m learning the app but with this design I’d love to have the colors of The BJJ belts in the swirl instead of just purple.

Thoughts? Input? Suggestions for other Logo creation apps?

6 thoughts on “New Logo

    1. Thank you for the input! My skills are very much white belt when it comes to design so I’m still trying to figure out the Logo Maker. The original swirl had alternating colors of yellow and white in the template, but I haven’t figured out how to change each swirl yet.

      1. What did you think about the overall format, pace, etc?

        I had some temporary background noise with a couple teens in the kitchen (the office room next to the kitchen is “the studio), trying to keep it conversational and engaging in a good way. There are a ton of BJJ podcasts out there.

      2. I noticed the noise, but wasn’t really bothered by it. I think maybe the set up at the beginning could be cut or shortened. I can see why you wanted to intro it all, but you could’ve just jumped right in and that would’ve been fine, too, IMO.

        The “geeky stuff” in the middle was a fun little interlude.

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