Playing around with AI Art in the NightCafe Studio

So, a bit of a break from all the Jiu-jitsu writing, yes?

I’ve got a post coming up in the next day or two for that, but it seems the artistic well has dried up a bit. I’ve got ideas and a few things I’ve been playing with, but I’ve not been able to bring those stories to completion yet. However, I’m hoping my newly discovered hobby will help me with that by creating images to use in my posts instead of the stock images I find here on WP or the images I take myself.

So yeah, I’ve been messing around with an AI art platform and I have been absolutely fascinated by the results. Well, most of the time. Usually when I am not fascinated is because I haven’t given the AI enough prompts or descriptions to go off of in order for it to create an image. I’ve mostly been playing around with the Artistic and Oil Painting settings on NightCafe. You can find my profile here if you’d like to take a look at the 80+ creations I’ve made in the last week since I started.

To give a very, very quick, nuts and bolts run down: The AI draws on a large database on information on what to “draw”, the image to create. This can be an image that looks like an oil painting, a charcoal sketch or a Playstation 5 quality video game (think Unreal Engine). You give the AI a prompt, like “The Oregon Coast” – you can be as descriptive as you like, the more you give the AI, the better it can come up with an image for you, then you tell it how to translate the image. Do you want it to look like a video game? A Bob Ross painting? A Picasso? Horror? Fantasy? And you also tell the AI to either be Artistic or Coherent in the image it creates based on what you’ve given it.

That’s the basic, easy rundown and way to create if you decide to play around with it. You can then “Evolve” the creation you’ve made, giving the AI the image already created, plus new prompts (or the same) and have it run it again. Sometimes more detail comes out, sometimes a different interpretation, etc. It’s rather fascinating.

Much like a kid at show and tell, I want to present the current Top 10 AI Creations I’ve done so far. Some of them you will see “Evolved” next to it, or a number, or both. This is because I’ve either evolved it multiple times to get the image, or I’ve input the same prompts but used different settings.

So, without further ado… I hope you enjoy!

A Boy Watching Fireworks for the First Time – Evolved 1

Ancient Garden – Evolved 2

Ancient Garden – Evolved 3

A Boy Watching Fireworks for the First Time

Pursuit of Mastery

In Him was Life

The Light of Men

Rivers of Living Water

Mountain Cathedral – Evolved 2

The Fire Temple 1

6 thoughts on “Playing around with AI Art in the NightCafe Studio

  1. So interesting! I can see losing a lot of time playing around with this. (Dangerous!) But I like what you’ve done here. The one you chose as the banner on top is my favorite.

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