Purple Haze: Jiu-Jitsu is You VS You – Part 1

“Honestly expressing yourself…it is very difficult to do. I mean it is easy for me to put on a show and be cocky and be flooded with a cocky feeling and then feel like pretty cool…or I can make all kind of phony things, you see what I mean, blinded by it or I can show you some really fancy movement. But to express oneself honestly, not lying to oneself…now that, my friend, is very hard to do.”

Bruce Lee

The response to the last two-parter was a good one, so I felt I should bring back Miss Jenn, the Blue Belle, herself to share her views with the topics today.

In today’s podcast we are covering:

Reasons for starting and continuing BJJ change over time.

Jiu-jitsu is hard.

Reader’s comments regarding comparing yourself to others.

So head on over to Spotify, Apple Podcasts or simply click here to go to their Anchor site and take a listen!

12 thoughts on “Purple Haze: Jiu-Jitsu is You VS You – Part 1

  1. Good call including Jenn again. Podcasts, in general, are always more fun with more than one person doing some back and forth and sometimes making jokes together. Plus, I like Jenn! Eh, I guess you’re okay, too, Tom. 😉 Heehee. I kid. I look forward to listening to this later tonight.

    1. It definitely is fun, and makes it way easier for sure! There’s a “cliffhanger” at the end of this one, I begin to name a term I use and then I edited it so it cuts out for part two lol. Gotta keep people wanting more, right?

      In this one we do talk about the stripe thing. In part 2 we speak about the other question posed. That will be out next week.

      1. I had to stop with maybe 3-5 minutes left! Great so far. Don’t compare yourself to others. You’ve said it before, but I think hearing it is helping it sink in more. 🙂 Although, being out for a month, getting passed up is a foregone conclusion now.

      2. Finished it! Couldn’t help but feel personally scolded, but I needed that. 😛
        But, to be fair, I’m not unhappy with my teammates. I am happy for them progressing. I’m just unhappy with me. But like you said, use that to drive me toward improvement.

        Based on your comment on my blog, I’ve asked permission to audit class tonight. Hubby’s not thrilled about me being out after dark on crutches, so he’s offered to drive me, or at least be there when class is over to be sure I get to my vehicle okay.

      3. Haha no need to feel scolded. You are not the only one who has had these struggles, seriously. And some do become jealous – I’ve seen that happen. So our recent convos are very apropos.

        Well, maybe tonight will be a good experience for you both, unless he drops you off and does his own thing.

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