Purple Haze: Jiu-Jitsu is Therapeutic, NOT Therapy

This one gets a little heavy, but still family friendly – for the most part. Possibly PG-13, definitely not R.

Tom and Jenn are big advocates for staying in your lane; discussing things from experience, knowledge and expertise. In this podcast, after bringing everyone up to speed on being newlyweds, Tom and Jenn share their individual stories of therapy and working through mental struggles including a mental breakdown that Tom went through in late 2020. Understanding their lane, Tom and Jenn readily admit that they are in no way licensed, certified or qualified to speak about mental health in the professional sense. This is merely their anecdotal offering of struggle and success, how therapy has helped them, and their humble suggestion of not conflating or confusing certain things with therapy.

Please check out the podcast wherever you enjoy listening – Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc., just search for “Tom Writes and Rolls” or simply go here to listen on the Anchor website.

6 thoughts on “Purple Haze: Jiu-Jitsu is Therapeutic, NOT Therapy

  1. oh, I love this! Therapy has many benefits and finding jiu-jitsu gave me a great way to get my mind of outside things that were bothering me. While I agree that jiu-jitsu is not in fact therapy, it can be used as a tool to get you to understand yourself better!

    1. Without a doubt it can, which is why I tried to emphasize therapeutic since it is such a good tool for self awareness. So glad you enjoyed this one, thank you so much! 😎👊🏻

  2. So brave and honest of you to share the crazy stuff that happened to you. I’d never heard of that Covid symptom. Sounds awful. So glad you worked it out. Yay for a happy ending! And for Jenn too. I’m grateful to know of her experience in case I ever witness it happening to a woman on the mat. I’ll shoo the men away and take care of her myself. Gosh, golly, gosh!!!

    1. Thanks, Betsy. Figured we’d put our experiences out there to help encourage people to seek out help if needed. Not everything can be solved at the mat, with weights, running or even on one’s own.

      Jenn’s experience was interesting, because she hasn’t suffered any sort of really violent encounter with men, BJJ can bring things up to the surface sometimes though.

      Thankfully, our Professor is former LEO, and former military and in the span of his teaching and serving he’s seen a handful of similar reactions from women who’ve been in bad ways and, similar to Jenn, have not.

      But definitely a good thing to be aware of in case you see something happening and can help.

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