Fiction & Poetry

Quick links for all things poetic and fictional.

Against my better judgement, I’m keeping even the cringey ones in here. Some writing works, some doesn’t. Just got to keep plugging along with the creative process and let the chips fall where they may.

The list is in a descending order from the oldest work to the most recent piece.

I hope you enjoy reading and drop a line or two if you’d like!


A Horror Story (humor)

Visitation – Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction: Illusion

Flash Fiction: Severance

Flash Fiction: Powers

Fiction: The Abandoned Wing

Fiction: Deja Vu

Seasonal Fiction: Sacrifice

Flash Writing: Hooked

Flash Fiction: Fire & Ash

The Sacred Fire

A Poetic Offering

A Day of Haiku

Poetry: My Chilled Guest

Of Laughter and a Mouse: A Poem



Fiction: Coffee Catharsis (#1)

Flash Fiction: Drones

Coffee Catharsis (#2)

Short Fiction: Old Soul

Coffee Catharsis: Awakening 1

Short Fiction: Old Soul – Pt. 2

Flash Fiction: Drive Through

Flash Fiction: Off Road

Fiction: Offering

Fiction: Amber – Pt. 1

Flash Fiction: Somewhere in the Star Wars Galaxy… (May the Fourth)

Fiction: Reticle

Fiction: Confession

Fiction: Peacemaker – The Market

Flash Fiction: Stranger Than Fiction

Flash Fiction: Car Wash

The Process

The Scent Of…