Tom Writes and Rolls

I write Fiction, Poetry and I write about Jiu Jitsu.


These are the thoughts and milestones along the path and journey of Jiu-jitsu.

Successes, failures, observations, and lessons learned.

You can find them all here.

White Belt

BJJ White Belt: Starting from the Bottom

BJJ White Belt: First Stripe

BJJ White Belt: Under Pressure

BJJ White Belt: Second Stripe

BJJ White Belt: Before The Tournament

BJJ White Belt: After the Tournament – Part 1

BJJ White Belt: After the Tournament – Part 2

BJJ White Belt: Third Stripe

BJJ White Belt: No-Gi? No Problem!

BJJ White Belt: Under Pressure: Part Deux

BJJ White Belt: Professor Robson Moura Seminar / Fourth Stripe

BJJ White Belt: Tournament Prep – “Once more unto the breach…”

BJJ White Belt: A “Green” Milestone

BJJ White Belt: Pre-Tournament Thoughts

BJJ White Belt: Coach’s Corner

BJJ White Belt: An Observation

BJJ White Belt: “Trifecta”

BJJ White Belt: Too Many Mind

BJJ White Belt: Into the Blue

Blue Belt

Into the Blue: Stripe Requirements

Into the Blue: BJJ Two Year Anniversary

Into the Blue: Blue Debut

Into the Blue: Fight Club in the Desert

Into the Blue: A Fighter’s Mind

Into the Blue: Liquid Mind

Into the Blue: Human Mind

Into the Blue: Well, this is interesting…

Into the Blue: Long Strange Trip

Into the Blue: Purple Haze

Purple Belt

Purple Haze: Four Years In

Purple Haze: That Which Cannot Be Taken Away

Purple Haze: Tom Writes & Rolls Podcast – Episode 1: Starting from The Bottom

Purple Haze: Tom Writes & Rolls Podcast – Episode 2: “All The Stripes!” Part 1

Purple Haze: Tom Writes & Rolls Podcast – Episode 3: “All The Stripes!” Part 2: The Conclusion

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