Workout 01/04/14: Squats and Bench Press

First workout of the new year! But first, let’s get to a few changes.

Last week I decided to give “My Fitness Pal” another go at tracking my food, using a PC it was a tedious process, even with certain foods saved. However, since I upgraded my phone, I decided to give the App a try instead and it has been much, much easier. I especially love the ability to scan the bar code on the food I eat, and thankfully, since almost everything has a bar code now, it’s not limited to processed and boxed foods!

I also purchased my first pair of Converse All Stars for doing my lifting. I’ve read about the preference people have towards them due to the flat sole and there is little to no elevation on the heel. I’ve personally never owned any “kicks” and I resisted the Whovian urge in me to get a pair of white or red ones and just got a pair of “classic” looking low top black ones. Maybe it’s just all in my head, but compared to my New Balance runners, I felt a difference and better grounding as I was doing the Squats.

I’m still balancing the demands of the new position, but I am getting a better grip on things. I’m going to play around with my workouts a little bit more. I was thinking about dropping things down to focusing on one compound movement a day, making it a short and intense session.

So, for example, Deadlifts on Monday, Overhead Press on Tuesday, Squats on Wednesday, Bench Press on Thursday. Something like that.

Well enough of this! Let’s get to the work done today!

Bench Press: 45lbs(bar) x10 x1, 95lbs x5 x1, 115lbs x5 x1, 135lbs x5 x2, 145lbs x5 x1

Squats: 45lbs(bar) x10 x1, 95lbs x5 x1, 115lbs x5 x1, 135lbs x5 x2

Done and done!

Whatever you do, ladies and gentlemen, keep moving forward!

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