Workout 08/29/2014: Ruck Walk w/ “Thor”

So, if you’ll recall in Monday’s post I had changed up the workout due to not wanting to miss a day.

WELL! Let me tell you, the allergy forces didn’t take too kindly to me wanting to stay with the whole “working out” idea. Tuesday turned into a cough and Wednesday even worse, it felt like I had some sort of cold of infection. I’ll spare you the details, lets just keep it at me feeling like I couldn’t breathe. So, I waved the white flag on Wednesday, officially missing a day and continued to rest through this week’s official rest day of Thursday as well.

Now…by this time I’m twitching because I want to work out, I need to do something! The cough had begun to die Thursday and with only a few coughs today I decided that I wouldn’t let Friday go without another Ruck Walk.

So at approximately the same time in the evening as Monday’s ruck walk, I had Thor strapped in to his stroller and me strapped into my ruck. Pardon le’ France, but it’s…how you say… time to kick some ass!

Time: 46min 38sec

Start Time: 8:15 pm

End Time: 9:02 pm

Distance: 3.11 miles

Steps: 5659

I hit the 3 mile marker at 44min 54sec, which was pretty cool, since I did a tenth of a mile more in the same time as last time. I attribute this to two things: the first being I pushed myself to walk faster and the second is that I attempted to run up the second bridge. It was probably more of a slow jog with the stroller and pack, but still!

My plan is to hit the gym on Sunday.

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